Our cases have an IPX8 rating and include a waterproof warranty on your device, making them the best Waterproof Cases for Smartphones, Tablets,and Phablets. Our cases fit the most popular devices like iphone, ipad and Samsung Galaxy as well as hundreds of other leading brands.


Broken phones caused by water damage


Of all phone damage occurs at home


do not have money to replace broken phones


Have coverage to replace broken smartphones

waterproof  iphone cases

Our Waterproof smartphone cases are guaranteed to protect your smartphone up to 100 feet underwater. The ultra-light design and included lanyard make WhatWater a popular choice with surfers, boaters and beach-goers alike. Our Waterproof Smartphone Cases are designed to work with phones up to 5.4 inches such as the Apple iPhone. If you are unsure which case is right for you, please consult our convenient device size chart

waterproof  cases for samsung galaxy

Our Waterproof Phablet Cases are designed to protect phablets up to 6.5 inches in size. Popular devices used with this case are the Samsung Note and S5. Please see our device size guide for a full listing of phablets that are compatible with this case.

waterproof ipad cases

Our waterproof tablet cases come in two sizes to protect medium and large devices such as apple ipad, ipad mini and kindle. For a full listing of devices that fit inside these cases please consult our device size guide

Why Choose WhatWater?

This is what our customers are saying about our waterproof cases for smartphones, phablets and tablets

I bought one of those expensive waterproof cases for our trip to Hawaii and my girlfriend bought a WhatWater case.  As I struggled with screws and seals she was already underwater taking pictures.  I must not have put it on right because my phone got wet.  Now I own a WhatWater for both my iPhone and iPad for half the money of one of those other cases!

Jack P

San Diego, CA

So I thought it was too good to be true, for only 15 bucks I could buy a waterproof case that included a 1 year waterproof warranty on my phone.  I don’t know how they do it but this is for real!  I used my case all summer and it even lasted through ski season with no worries. This is my new go to gift for everyone I know!

Erica F

Salem, Mass

I was paying 10.99 per month for a protection plan through my wireless carrier, for a phone that was over a year old.  I bought a case and jumped on the WhatWater Ultimate Protection Plan, I can’t believe I saved over $300!  When it came time to place a claim they were so friendly and accommodating. This decision was a no brainer!

Tom S

Manalapan, NJ

VCM Solutions, LLC
1594 Sea Island Drive
Toms River, NJ 08753

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